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From Knitting to Weaving: Expert Tips on How to Decorate Your Home with Textiles

From Knitting to Weaving: Expert Tips on How to Decorate Your Home with Textiles

Are you trying to find unique and creative ideas to spruce up your home decor? Decorating your home with textiles is a simple and easy way to add color while creating a sense of sophistication in your home. There are many different methods to create textiles from crocheting to macrame. However, any method used is sure to create a beautiful statement piece to display.

If you want to decorate your home with textiles and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. We reached out to experts across North America, from Ashland, MA to Kelowna, BC, for their best tips. From installing fiber art to bring in texture to dip dying tapestries, keep reading to see what they had to say. 

1) Use textiles to make your home more welcoming

Textiles embrace and soften your home interior. No matter what decorating style you have, the very nature of knit or woven textiles brings welcoming warmth to your space. In particular throws, pillows and blankets beckon you to relax and embrace the comfort of your home. – Mountain Meadow Wool

2) Add texture, shape, and energy with fiber art

Fiber art wall hangings don’t just add color and scenery to a room, but also texture, shape, and a unique energy. Fabric pieces offer a dimensional beauty for your space that paintings and prints simply can’t. Fiber art also tells a story and sets a scene so eye-catching that it establishes the atmosphere for the entire room. – Tobi Collage

3) Try out unconventional textiles 

When designing your home, consider using unconventional textiles like embroidery and quilts to create a statement art piece. Displaying an heirloom quilt, for example, is sure to turn heads and start conversations. Quilts are not only beautiful works of art, but they also tell stories that reflect family traditions. Sarah Maker

4) Incorporate quilts for beauty and utility 

Quilts are the perfect home accessory for combining beauty and utility. Drape one over the side of a sofa or roll it into a basket for a charming look, then use it for keeping warm on a chilly evening or while watching a favorite show. – Center Street Quilts

5) Hang your quilts to create a cozy home

Handmade quilts displayed as wall hangings can add a cozy welcome feeling in contrast to the harsh lines of modern furniture. Additionally, with so many beautiful designer fabric choices today, you won’t have any trouble matching your theme or colors. If you don’t sew, there are many skilled quilters willing to make one for you on Etsy or your local quilt guild. – Maureen Maker

6) Try a crochet blanket to bring in color

Draping a crochet blanket over the back of a couch or the sidearm of a chair can give a splash of color. There is a style to suit everyone with so many different stitch and color possibilities, so think beyond the classic granny square blankets and remember crochet can also look really modern and fresh too. Crochet cannot be replicated on a machine so every blanket is handmade as a labor of love, meaning they are often great conversation starters as people will ask who made them and then maybe want to learn to crochet too. – Coastal Crochet

7) Utilize macrame plant hangers

I love placing macrame plant hangers in the corner of a room to save space while adding greenery to the room. Adding a woven wall hanging to your entry wall sets the overall mood for your home and makes people feel welcome. Hanging woven textiles or macrame from branches or driftwood is a great way to bring the outdoors in. – Rustics by TL

8) Go with a dip-dyed tapestry 

A beautifully placed dip-dyed tapestry in your home is a sure conversation starter.   

When incorporating textile and fiber artwork, start with natural base tones with a pop of color which enhances depth and texture to your walls. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of materials and textures; the end results will surprise you. – Christina Venturini

9) Add character and warmth with an afghan 

Many movies and television shows feature a crochet blanket, sometimes called an afghan, on their living room set. That’s because the addition of a crochet item adds immediately recognizable warmth, character, and personality to a room. You can throw a crochet blanket on your sofa, armchair, or bed. – Daniel Art and Yarn

10) Decorate with hand-hooked rugs, pillows, table mats, and coasters

These beautiful, artisanal items are hooked by the individual artist by hand, one loop at a time, often using hand-dyed wool strips or yarn on a linen foundation. No two are exactly alike and you can even commission custom pieces that are especially meaningful to you. Be sure to shop small rug hooking studios for a truly handmade product – Parris House Wool Works  

11) Use a quilt as a headboard 

When most people think of using quilts in their home, they probably imagine an old-fashioned bedspread in their grandma’s guest room. However, modern quilting has exploded in popularity recently, and a wave of designers are creating bold, unique designs that are being snapped up by trendsetting decorators to use as wall hangings, throw pillows, and other decorative textiles. A modern quilt can make an excellent headboard substitution or a statement piece on that empty wall you’ve been trying to fill. – Alderwood Studio

12) Choose items with multiple textures

Adding a wide variety of items made with fibers to your home can give you that splash of color or pop of texture you need to finish off a room or area. Home decor items made with fibers naturally have great texture but you can enhance their presence and interest by choosing items that have multiple layers of texture within them. These can include stitches that pop out from the surface, different types of fabrics layered on top of each other, or varieties of fringe, ribbons, and even beads. Celtic Knot Crochet

13) Add texture through frames or wall hanging 

A great tip to consider when designing your home with textiles is to think about adding texture to your walls with art quilts. Whether framed or featured as a wall hanging, modern hand quilted art quilts are a great way to bring color, texture, and that glorious tactile feel to your home. – Shannon Fraser Designs

14) Go with a custom quilt, table runners, or placemats 

Whether you are a quilter or hire one, custom quilts are a great way to get the perfect look for any room. By hand selecting the colors, themes, and textures of the fabrics that will be sewn into the pattern of your choosing, the quilt will be as unique as the space it inhabits. The wide variety of fabric options available offers something for every style. Quilted table runners and placemats add style and protection for your furniture. – Tara Reed

15) Create a knot theme

Throughout the centuries knot patterns have identified our cultures. Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci was influenced by the knots of antiquity before inventing his own knot creations. Pick a knot theme and have it run through your interiors. Embroidered on decorative pillows, carved in stone, or stenciled on kitchenware, and have your guests discover how you used your knot theme. – Leonardos Knots 


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